IIM-A Hikes MDP Fees by Only 17 %

12 04 2008
The newspapers and the TV have all gone overboard discussing the increase in fees by 250% for PGP ( Post Graduate Programme) at IIM-A. In this hullabaloo, the increase in fees for management development programmes for 2008-09 has gone unnoticed.
IIM-A has increased fees for MDP ( Management Development Program) but the increase is just 17 % on an average. There are 3 programmes for which they have not increased the fees at all. For select programmes the increase is around 30% .
The target market for MDP programmes are the middle and senior executives in corporate sector. The MDP programmes only accept sponsored candidates. In other words, the tab for the training is taken by corporates.
From the above, it appears that IIM-A has a lot less bargaining power with corporates than with the students.
– G. Mohan



2 responses

15 04 2008

This to a large extent goes to justify that the quality of the students has a greater bearing than what IIMA does to them. Hence, the Corporates are actually paying for the students capability more than the IIMA brand. Actually they are paying for the candidates who have cleared CAT and by virtue of being selected by IIMA they have proved that they are in the top bracket among the successful candidates.

However, the same IIMA is not in a position to justify its merit in terms of teaching and get candidates from the Corporates when it comes to MDPs.

However, the brand ISB comes more from the people who have floated the brand than the students themselves.

16 04 2008

Your point is well taken. I think the behaviour of the corporates towards their HR is not very different from the way men behave with their beloveds. Before marriage they go all out to court and pamper them, after marriage it is “Ghar ki murgi dal barabar”. Just like wives have to nag to get something, employees have to nag their bosses/training deptts to be nominated for MDPs.

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