Brand SRK : Milking It to the Max

24 04 2008



I am no fan of Shah Rukh Khan (SRK).  Though I happen to have seen most of his movies, I don’t really like him as an actor. He hams much too much . Chak De India and  Swades are the only exceptions.


Ironically, it is the IPL tamasha which has helped me to develop a grudging respect for SRK, the businessman. If you have been watching the matches and the media jamboree around them, you just can’t miss SRK and his high jinks.



First thing first, SRK didn’t cringe to spend top dollars to hire the best in the business for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Be it the coach, the CEO, the physio, the trainer and , of course, the cricketers.



He then threw himself completely into the job. SRK’s inexhuastible energy and hunger for success are there for all to see.


SRK also knows how to use his charisma, tact and PR skills. He is exploiting them to the fullest in his attempt to take  Brand SRK beyond the silver screen  by five powerful forces  –  the small screen, the journalists, cricket, moolah and politics. The interesting thing is how  Brand SRK and the five forces are feeding into each other.



Now, let’s look  at  a few of  SRK’s clever moves.



SRK bought the franchisee for Kolkata though he has stonger ties with Delhi ( his birthplace) and  Mumbai (his workplace).He knew it well that if he could fill up Eden Gardens, he would hit the jackpot. The Eden Garden is the largest cricket stadium in the world, not just in India.



Mukesh Ambani had to pay huge sums for Hrithik Roshan’s star power. Vijay Mallya has to bring in cheerleaders from the US. G M  Rao too had to shell out a lot  for Akshay Kumar. SRK, on the other hand,  just had to pay himself!



He also brings along his groupies like Karan Johar, Arjun Rampal,  Manish Malhotra  et al to KKR matches,  adding to the glamour quotient. Last Sunday, SRK displayed his political clout by  getting his friends from the first family of India to make an appearance at the Eden Garden.



SRK gives away 1000 tickets free to Shah Rukh Khan Fan Club for every KKR match.


In the endorsement race too, KKR seems to be ahead of the rest. SRK has got  quite a few companies whose brands he endorses, to sponsor KKR.



Is there no stopping the SRK juggernaut?



I’m not sure. Brand SRK is running  a serious risk of wearing itself out.  Super celebrities are known to have killed their brand mystique  by stretching the brand  way too thin. 



As for me, I’m rooting for Kolkata Knight Riders, not because  of SRK.  In spite of him.


– G. Mohan.




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