How Would You Like Your Case – Raw or Cooked

29 04 2008
Yale University-School of Management has developed a new method for teaching in Business Schools. They informally call it the ‘Raw Case’ method. Raw cases are delivered online by creating a web site to make use of the multimedia capabilities of the Internet. Raw cases present a complex, often real world and almost real-time business situations
A raw case aggregates a lot of materials re[presenting  a variety of perspectives and culled from multiple data streams that can include original source documents such as 10-K filings and analyst reports, news media reports (print and broadcast), faculty-authored notes and background readings, scholarly articles, interview videos or transcripts with the parties involved, as well as other multimedia tools, such as Google maps. Raw cases consist of hundreds, even thousands, of “pages” of data. So, in addition to the lateral synthesis of many disparate piece of information, part of the student’s assignment is to determine the most efficient allocation of time and attention in order to answer assigned questions or perform the required analysis.
The coventional B-school cases of 15-20 pages are written with the objective of explaining a concept to the students. This is being referred to as a “Cooked” case.
I feel raw case  is a great innovation in management education. Real world problem solving for managers or  consultants is closer to a raw case than its cooked counterpart. Information overload is a reality which all need to cope with. Information does not always come in the written form and tables as is often neatly presented in the conventional management cases.
Explosion of other media beyond the print media is another reality which students need to cope with. The use of multimedia capabilities of the Net to deliver these “raw cases” is an excellent use of the medium.
An example of a raw case can be seen in this link.
– G. Mohan



One response

5 05 2008
Animesh Basak

If raw case is the way to go, why confine its analyses to the students of a particular B – School and a particular class? If we were to develop an open accees to a global pool of analyses on a particular raw case, how would that change the role of the faculty in B-Schools?

I also think for a true immersion in a real life business situation to happen there is no alternative to onsite exposure.

– Animesh Basak

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