The Chandrashekhar Factor

2 05 2008


If you want your newborn son to become a CXO in an IT company, name him



Is it too much of a coincidence that so many Chandrashekhars have made it big in the IT industry?


Mr. N.Chandrasekharan is the Executive Director and COO. Many insiders consider him as the MD in waiting.


 Mr.R.Chandrasekharan is the President and Managing Director of Cognizant Technologies. Mr. P.R.Chandrasekhar was until recently the Chief Executive of Americas and Europe at Wipro Technologies.


Here are two more. Mr. K.B.Chandrasekhar, Founder and CEO of Jamcracker Inc, is a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Mr. V.Chandrasekharan was the MD of the now beleaguered Pentasoft Technologies, once a high flying IT services company.


Looks like, the top deck of the Indian IT industry can’t have enough of Chandrashekhars.


– G. Mohan





One response

3 05 2008

Great ! How did you find out such similarity

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