Business Quiz – IPL Special

30 05 2008

Occasionally we will post Business Quiz in The Second Take. Here is the first of our quizzes, an IPL Special


1. In which TV channel will you see Charu Sharma, the former CEO of Royal Challengers Bangalore and the first lady of TV commentary – Mandira Bedi, analyzing IPL semi-finals and finals?


2. When Vodafone won the exclusive on-air rights for IPL, what did its rival Airtel do to make use of the IPL opportunity?


3. He was seen as the grandson playing chess with his grandfather on an Airtel TVC. He was also seen as the young man brazenly dating two girls in the Sprite TVC.Now he is anchoring IPL on SET-Max. Name this model turned TV anchor ?


4. With which company was the Sundar Raman associated with, before he was hired as the CEO of IPL by Lalit Modi?


5. Which two business houses in addition to Preity Zinta co-own the Mohali franchise?


6. Besides, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Royal Challenge is  a sponsor of three other IPL teams. Which are these teams?


7. Which retail chain is the partner of Ticketpro, the agency responsible for selling IPL tickets?


Answers may be sent in as an email to rajib1sarkar1@ gmail .com. All correct entries will be acknowledged in this blog. Answers will be published on June 1.


– G.Mohan.




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