IIT JEE Coaching Factories

5 06 2008

The IIT JEE results have just been declared. Even if you are not connected to the IIT entrance exam in any way, you can not miss  the coaching classes blowing their trumpets


Deccan Chronicle carried a full page ad on the first and last page of two coaching classes- Narayana and Sri Chaitanya. The local FM channel in Hyderabad has a lady shrieking at the top of her voice about how the students of Sri Chaitanya have bagged the top All India ranks. Brilliant Tutorials has released a relatively small ad  claiming credit for the top ranker. Also, to caution the readers of the false claims of other tutorials mentions that Brilliant’s results are verified by AC Nielsen.


The ads are obviously aimed at the students to join tutorials. What started in a small way with Agrawal Classes and Brilliant Tutorials nearly 30 years ago has transformed into a  big  business today.


The Narayana Group is undoubtedly the biggest player in the tutorial business today. It is a fully integrated institution starting from schools, junior colleges, coaching centers to professional colleges. It has deep penetration inside Andhra Pradesh with 60 junior colleges in 14 locations. Narayana has also expanded nationally with IIT academies in Kota, New Delhi and seven other locations.


Narayana’s main offering is integrating the classroom IIT-JEE coaching with the junior college classes (Class XI and XII). Typically a one-year classroom course costs about Rs 50,000 per student. Narayana offers other products too. A crash course of 180 hours just before the JEE costs Rs 16000. It also offers a variety of correspondence course. A typical correspondence course is priced at Rs 45,000/- per annum. Online tests and mock IIT-JEE tests are other products. Narayana recently announced a 7- year IIT-JEE Olympiad course for students in Class VI.


The size of Narayana group can be estimated by the fact that it has a total of 174,000 students enrolled in various programs. The group mentions in its web-site that it has 15,000 employees. Its AP twin- Sri Chaitanya would not be far behind.


Bansal Classes, Kota is another big player in this business. It also has over 3000 students.


Resonance of Kota has now set up branches in Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow , Bhopal, Jaipur and Nagpur. Career Point of Kota too has branched out to six more cities.


Pathfinders and Springboard Study Home are major players in Kolkata. The latter has branches in Asansol, and Siliguri as well. Yukti is big in Mumbai.


FIIT-JEE is another IIT JEE tutorial outfit. There are numerous other regional and local players like Vidya Mandir, Ramiah and Akash.   


In 2008, 311,258 candidates appeared for the IITJEE for 6,872 seats in IITs. Even if a quarter of the candidates who appear take some form of IITJEE coaching for 2 years, this would indicate a market size of nearly Rs 4.5 billion. The profitability is anybody’s guess.


In stark contrast to the above mentioned sweat shops, Ramanujan School of Mathematics (RSM) set up by Anand Kumar who once hawked Papad offers free coaching, food and boarding to poor student in Patna. Founded in 2003, this institute has already sent 142 students to the IIT.  The intake has always been restricted to just 30 students (that’s why the institute is popularly known as Super -30) most of them are from families which have never been to a college. This year all the students (all of 30) of RSM have cleared  IIT JEE. What a fantastic not-for-profit organization!


–  G. Mohan




4 responses

5 06 2008
Venkat Subramaniam

It is humbling to read about people like Anand Kumar. Wonder where the 30 bright prospects would have got lost had they not found a messiah like Anand Kumar. More importantly, who knows how many of these talents actually get lost in our country.

May be we require leaders (not necessarily from the political or corporate world) across the country who can exhibit leadership at a personal level and facilitate the unearthing of talents like Anand Kumar.

There are number of NGO s and corporates in India who are doing very good work in terms of social service.

It will be a great service to the nation, if we can come up with a structure to discover these hidden talents. But I really don’t know what that structure could be.
India is full of such talents.
One just needs to take a 2 hour ride in the local train from Kharagpur to Howrah. It is a learning experience to see the vendors boarding the train in different stations, selling products in the most innovative ways possible. At least 20 different products are sold and the presentations are so organised that one vendor’s time does not clash with the other. Some of the best lessons in merchandising and communication can be learnt there.

You comments are welcome- How can we unearth these talents in a structured way in a diverse country like India?

29 07 2008


One thing which i would like to suggest is to start questioning each and everything. In our country, showing an attitude and raising a concern on a system is not at all discouraged. This happened to me also,and the most disgusting part is that even parents do not support this.

On Unearthing talent to put the country to a forward path,i think we should setup a school and an engineering college(not to intake people,but to really motivate the best and brightest),which will give education to such beautiful brains. One thing that has been hurting me is that even after 60yrs of independence, we are yet to hear someone like edison n nicola tesla. This is because education is in the hands of the upper middle class urban elite whose basic dream is to send their kids into a good public school to flaunt off their neighbours n peers. What happens in that education is no one bothers.

And i dont know whether this piece should find space here or not,but not only acads,we should encourage other things also like arts,sports.The poor performance in these fields also saddens me(and everyone). Partly responsible is our society only.

Hope,that u will like my suggestion. Would like to add more as even i am frustrated with the declination of the standards of our nation.

28 03 2009

I think you forgot to mention Kalrashukla classes in the list of all the well known classes, whichj produce IITians every year.

23 04 2014

Thanks for sharing useful information

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