Is Infosys Launching a Global B-School ?

15 06 2008

A campus spread over 270 acres, a capacity to train 13000 graduates, 500 faculty rooms and 10,300 residential rooms. Is it Harvard, MIT or Stanford? None of these. This is the Global Education Centre (GEC) of Infosys at Mysore.


When completed, it “will be the largest corporate investment (Rs. 165 billion) in educational infrastructure in India and one of the largest globally,” said N.R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman and Chief Mentor, Infosys, at the 27th Annual General Meeting last Saturday, reports Business Line.


The company recruited over 25,000 freshers in 2007-08. All these freshers undergo a 14-week rigorous induction program at the GEC. Separate programs were also conducted for Infosys recruits from China, Europe and USA at the GEC. The GEC also houses the Infosys Leadership Institute, the management training facilities for senior Infoscions.


 The Indian IT services industry is probably at the last legs of the manpower-multiplication game which has kept them growing. I believe the number of freshers, that Infosys is going ti recruit year-on-year can now only go down.



Till now, Infosys has maintained that GEC ramp up is entirely for in-house training only. But the scale and the level of investment look disproportionately large. If they are left underutilized, shareholders are likely to punish Infosys


I guess, Infosys is getting ready for policy changes with regard to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in higher education. When the policy changes are announced, Infosys will tie-up with one of the world-class universities like Harvard/MIT/Stanford. For the Ivy League B-Schools, a readymade world class campus will give them a head start in India.


– G.Mohan.  





One response

17 06 2008
Animesh Basak

Should Infosys convert the GEC into a B- School, how would they resolve the conflict of interest arising out of allowing some of its best students joining the rivals of Infosys? Besides, does Infosys need MBAs in big number? Do MBAs play that much of a crtical rile in its valkue chain?

It would be great though if Infosys can make the GEC a common resource center for the entire indian IT industry, its shareholderes willing, that is.

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