Women in the Indian IT Industry

15 06 2008

Browsing through the latest Annual Report of TCS, a piece of statistic caught my attention. Women constituted 28% of the company’s workforce as on March 31, 2008. 28% of 111,407 would mean nearly 30,000 women.


One would imagine that the representation of women would be uniform across all levels of the company. But it is far from that. In the board of directors consisting of 11 directors, there is one woman- an independent, non-executive director. In the leadership team there is no woman, at all. In the Management team of 62 executives, there are just three women.


A look at the Annexure to the report, giving details of all employees drawing over Rs. 2.4 million per annum, the under-representation of women becomes clearer. Out of 402 executives, included in the list, there are just 24 women executives, just over 5 %. The youngest woman executive making it to this list is 39 years of age and the median age is around 43 years.


It is tempting to attribute this to the existence of glass-ceiling for women in the IT industry or corporate sector. I would attribute this more to the fact that 20 years ago, very few women took to technical education and software careers. Hence, we see very few women at the top now Ten years from now the IT company boards would have far more women.


IT industry in India awaits for its own Carly Fiorina. 


– G. Mohan.   




One response

16 06 2008
Sanjay Nayak

Interesting statistics, we have seen so many senior level executives in Banking sector but we have not seen them in IT yet. Does it have something to do with old boys network that is preventing the women folks to come up the ladder? I also feel the travel, odd hour working does play a role for male folks to put in that extra bit! I am sure there are women folks knocking at the door and very soon we will have them in position of power. Let’s see who is the first one to make announcements from SWITCH group…

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