Food and Restaurant Quiz – I

28 06 2008

Question No. 1.


Name the famous restaurant in Delhi which pioneered Butter ChickenChicken Tikka and Dal Makhani. This restaurant is expanding itself as a chain through PE funding.


Ans: Moti Mahal


Question No.2


Which celebrity chef is behind the ready-to-eat foods company, KAR Foods?


Ans: Sanjeev Kapoor


Question No.3


Who is the largest selling Indian author of English books?


Ans: Tarla Dalal


Question No. 4


This Hyderabad company is well-known for over 50 years for its fruit biscuits. Visitors to Hyderabad usually do not forget to pick up a box of these biscuits.  Now it proposes to expand to other cities. Name this company.


Ans: Karachi Bakery 


Question No.5 


Name this potato farmer from the USA who was the man behind putting Idaho on the world map of potatoes. Idaho license plates had “World Famous Potatoes” thanks to his initiative. From 1960s, he was the largest supplier of potatoes for french-fries at McDonalds. From potato chips he diversified into memory chips by acquiring Micron technologies. This multi-billionaire died in May 2008 at a ripe old age of  99.


Ans: J.R.Simplot.


– G. Mohan.





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