Quiz Miscellany – I

28 07 2008


Q 1: What is the Carbon Grove project and how is it connected to Microsoft?  


A: Carbon Grove project is a virtual forest in which you can plant a tree and thereby bring down Carbon-Dioxide. Microsoft has sponsored the project and only if you download Internet Explorer 7 could you technologically plant a tree in the virtual forest. 



Q 2: The Howrah Bridge is one of the finest cantilever bridges in the world. It was built way back in 1937. The interesting thing is that out of 26,500 tonne of steel used in making the bridge TISCO (now Tata Steel) supplied 23,500 tonne. Which company built the bridge?



A: Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Co. Ltd. of Darlington.



Q 3: Which is world’s oldest Business School?



A: The Ecole Supérieure de Commerce of Paris (now ESCP-EAP European School of Management) was founded. In 1819. Today it is the oldest Business School worldwide.However, Harvard Business School was the first business school to offer a degree called the “MBA” in 1910.



Q 4: India born Arun Sarin resigned from Vodafone as its CEO in May this year. Who replaced him?



A: Vittario Colao



Q 5: Jagdish Khattar retired as the MD of Maruti this year. Who has succeeded him?



A :  Shinzo Nakanishi 



Q 6. In Google terminology, who or what is a “Noogler”?



A: A new Google employee



Q 7.  Expand MTN, the company which is in news these days. ( If you don’t know, you will kick yourself why you did not work it out)



A: Mobile Telecommunication Network



Q 8: What is bluecasting?



A: Proximity marketing in mobile phones using “Bluetooth” technology. This technology has been used effectively during IPL matches to push messages to spectators’ mobile phones and also by Vasavi temple in Coimbatore to push wallpapers of Gods and Goddesses and ring tones of Bhajans to the visitors of the temple through bluecasting.



Q 9: Which company’s advertising slogan was ‘Geography is History’?



A: Iridium, the satellite phone service launched by Motorola.



Q 10. What is common to the following: Jewel, Footprint, Wellness, Timeout and Fresh? 



A:  They are different sub-brands of Reliance Retail for different types of merchandise.


– G. Mohan and Rajib Sarkar. 




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11 12 2009

I am often looking for new posts in the WWW about this subject. Thanx!

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