Business Quiz on the Beijing Olympics

10 08 2008



Q1. This company has been a long-standing sponsor of the Olympic Games. Its name attracted a lot of controversy during the Olympic torch relay. It is the sponsor of the China’s biggest sporting icon, NBA superstar Yao Ming. This company gave away 5.7 million bottles of its own brand of water as a part of the Sichuan Quake relief program. Name this US company.


Ans : Coca Cola.


Q2. This US conglomerate has been involved in the construction of all 37 venues for the games. This company was the only company which figured in the Dow Jones Index in 1900 as well as 2000. Name this iconic company.


Ans: GE.


Q3. This global brand is also one of the sponsors of the torch relay and will have a pavilion in Beijing for concerts and other events. Its Indian subsidiary has appointed shooter Manavjit Singh Sandhu as its Olympic brand ambassador and will also be presenting sponsor on DD.


Ans : Samsung.


Q4. This company has been associated as a sponsor since the first Olympics in 1896 at Athens. Beijing will be its last Olympics as a sponsor. This company is one of 12 sponsors in “The Olympic Program,” the top tier of business corporations that each spend tens of millions of dollars for rights to market the Olympic logo.  This US company, is often referred to as the Big Yellow.


Ans: Kodak.


Q5. The design and development of the telecommunications system for the Beijing Olympics village was done by a team of 100 engineers at their Bangalore centre. Name the company.


Ans: Huawei Communications


Q6. Name the only major Chinese brand sponsoring the Beijing Olympics. The Olympic Torch was designed by this company’s design team.


Ans: Lenovo


Q7. Who is the official provider of sportswear for the Chinese Olympics team as well as for the organizing committee.

a) Nike       b) Adidas     c) Reebok   d) Puma


Ans: b) Adidas.


Q8. Which car brand is associated as the official supplier for the torch relay, providing 5,000 green vehicles to the Chinese organizers? Hint: This is one of the largest selling foreign cars in China., having been in China  for the last 25 years.


Ans: Volkswagen.


Q9.  “I eat at ___. I’ve always eaten  at____. I even worked at ___. It was my first job,” said Carl Lewis, (winner of nine Olympic gold medals) in Beijing as a part of the promotional tour for this Olympics sponsor. Name the brand.


Ans: McDonalds.



Q10. Not directly linked to the Beijing Olympics, but definitely linked to the Olympics movement. Which Indian industrialist was behind sending the first team of athletes from India to participate in the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp.


Ans: Dorab Tata, son of Jamsetji Tata.


– G. Mohan.




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