Match Winning Second Innings

31 08 2008


When Bill Gates relinquished his job as the Chairman of Microsoft to take a full-time job as the head of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he set off his encore career.


Well, Mr.Gates is not alone. Seeking a socially purposeful new career among the baby boomers has become a tidal force. Some trend watchers have dubbed this phenomenon as the biggest change in the American workforce since the large scale entry of women.


As their numbers begin to swell, those who are opting to seek vocations based on their deep interests – not just to earn a living, hold the potential to transform the nature of work and create a society that works better for everyone.




Mark Freedman in his recently published Encore: Finding Work that Matters in the Second Half of Life  has chronicled and commented on the growing trend of professionals embracing the second career.



In India too, high-pressure jobs, often leading to burn-outs, are forcing many professionals to question untenable trade-offs between bank balance and mental balance.


On the other hand, life expectancy is rising and the length of useful productive life is increasing. As a result, the need to have different careers at different phases of one’s life is heightening.


No wonder, a growing number of well qualified and experienced professionals are responding to their inner call for finding meaning in their work by breaking free from the prison made of others’ expectations of them.


– G. Mohan.




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