Quiz on Bond Brands

16 11 2008


Whenever there is a James Bond film released, there is a lot of media hype around it. James Bond films are also used extensively by companies to push their brands. The just released film, Quantum of Solace has already broken all previous records for endorsements by getting endorsements of over 50 million pounds.


Q1. Which James Bond film before Quantum of Solace had the highest value of endorsements? Clue: It is not the previous Daniel Craig film Casino Royale.


Ans: Die Another Day


Q2. According to a survey conducted by Brand Republic, a respected Advertising publication, what is the brand most associated with James Bond? Clue: It is Bond’s car


Ans: Aston Martin


Q3. What car does the Bond girl Olga Kurylenko drive in Quantum of Solace?


Ans: Ford Ka (they are launching a new variant through this film)


Q4. Ian Fleming in his novels has mentioned James Bond wearing a Rolex watch. Sean Connery used to wear Rolex Submariner in Dr. No and Goldfinger. From Goldeneye onwards, Pierce Brosnan as the Bond, started wearing a different brand of watch. Name the brand and the model too?


Ans: Omega Seamaster Professional Diver


Q5. The close partnership between _________ Vodka and Bond began in Dr. No when the villain hands Sean Connery a “Martini, shaken not stirred” made with _______ Vodka.  This monumental moment in film literally changed the way martini drinkers made their cocktails, shifting from the traditional gin to a vodka-based drink and popularizing the vodka martini the world over. Name the vodka brand.


Ans: Smirnoff


Q6. Which brand of laptop and cell phone would you find James Bond using in Quantum of Solace?


Ans: Sony Vaio laptops and Sony Ericsson cell phones. Sony has launched a limited edition Titanium Silver C902 Cyber-Shot Phone through Quantum of Solace.


Q7. Which watch brand has released a range of 22 watches, each of which is centered on a different 007 villain?


Ans: Swatch.


– G. Mohan




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