Quiz on Star Hotels of India

9 12 2008



Q1: The picture postcard of Gateway of India in front of Taj Mahal Hotel is one of the most representative images of Mumbai. Which was built first, the Gateway of India or the Taj Mahal hotel?


Ans: Taj Mahal Hotel was built in 1903 and the Gateway of India in 1928



Q 2: Trident-Oberoi, at Nariman Point,  was a victim of the recent attacks, was built by the Oberois in the 1970s. As a part of the financing deal from American Exim Bank, they had to take an American collaborator. Who was the collaborator?


Ans:  Sheraton


Q 3: During 1993 in Mumbai, a well-known 5-star hotel in Bandra, home to several Bollywood blockbusters had a bomb attack. The hotel had remained closed since then, due to litigation, change of ownership etc. The hotel is now under Claridges Hotels and is expected to be open to guests in 2010. Name the hotel.


Ans:  Sea-Rock , earlier known as Sea Rock Sheraton



 Q 4: Rai Bahadur M.S. Oberoi, the founder of the eponymous Oberoi Group of Hotels, was manager of a hotel owned by a British family. When they were leaving India, he bought it from them. Even now, this hotel is part of the Oberoi chain. Name the hotel and the city.


Ans: The Clarkes Hotel in Simla


Q 5: Late Lalit Suri, the hotelier-turned-politician built the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza in New Delhi. This has expanded by acquiring several ITDC hotels. After his death, the hotel chain has renamed itself. Name the chain.


Ans : The Lalit



Q 6: Of which brand of hotels is Asian Hotels, promoted by the Jatias and Sarafs, the holding company?


Ans: Hyatt Regency in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai  



Q 7: She was a long-serving director of Indian Hotels, the owner of Taj Group of Hotels. She has promoted a chain of Indian restaurants, called Bombay Brasserie which has branches in many foreign cities starting with London. Name the person.


Ans: Camelia Punjabi


Q 8: This corporate honcho cut his teeth in the hotel industry by managing Hotel Maurya Sheraton in New Delhi. He was inducted into the board of ITC in 1984, taking charge of the Welcomgroup. He pioneered the first private sector Degree Institute in Hotel Management- WelcomGroup School of Hotel Administration, Manipal. Now he is the Chairman of a leading Indian company. Name him.


Ans: Yogi Deveshwar, ITC Chairman


Q 9: Anil Madhok, the former MD of Oberoi Group of Hotels, struck out on his own to start a chain of mid-market hotels in 1994. Now this chain claims to be the fourth largest chain of hotels in India with 36 properties. It is affiliated with Carlson Hospitality. Name this chain.


Ans:  Sarovar Group of Hotels and Resorts


Q 10: Bikki Oberoi was in Jaipur looking for a haveli to buy for himself and had to stay at the Rambagh Palace. “I took my own servant I took my own cook. I even took my own toilet paper, “ he said. He hated the Rambagh Palace so much that he decided to build his own hotel in Jaipur. This hotel and resort, has gone on to become a luxury hotel, considered one of the top luxury brands from India.


Ans : Rajvilas


– G. Mohan




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