Quiz on the Business of Healthcare

14 12 2008


Q 1: By what name Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories is popularly known as? Hint: This company was founded in 1935.


Ans: CIPLA Ltd 


Q 2: This company is named after its founder, who was an Ayurvedic doctor in Bengal, and used to travel to far-flung villages to treat people. He founded this company in 1884, which was named after a shortened form of the way he was usually addressed. Name the company.


Ans: Dabur, by Dr S.K.Burman



Q 3: Physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen wasn’t out to revolutionize the medical field, but that’s exactly what he did. The curious Roentgen wished to see if cathode rays could escape “a glass tube covered in black cardboard.” What did Roentgen discover which led him to win a Nobel Prize?


Ans: X-rays 


Q 4: What is common to Cheminor Drugs, American Remedies Limited, BMS Laboratories, Betapharm, and Meridian Healthcare?


Ans: All the companies are now part of Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. 


Q 5: Find the odd one out among the following





Ans: Aviva. Aviva is not an HMO. All others are.


Q  6 : In 1983 this Act was passed in the USA to provide  to provide incentives to develop treatments for rare diseases affecting fewer than 200,000 people nationwide. Thanks to the Act, over 160 medicines were approved to treat rare diseases between 1995 and 2005. Name the Act.


Ans: Orphan Drug Act


Q 7: With which famous hospital chain would you associate Dr V? The mission of the organisation in in the words of its founder was “To eradicate needless blindness”.

 Ans: Aravind Eye Hospitals, founded by Dr. Venkataswamy


Q 8 : Born on May 19, 1795 in Maryland USA. This businessman made his money in selling corn, whiskey and later invested heavily in Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. He died without heirs on December 24, 1873. He left 7 million US Dollars mostly in Baltimore and Ohio railroad stock for philanthropy. This sum was the single largest donation for setting up educational institutions till that time. Name this philanthropist, on whose name several world-class healthcare institutions are surviving to this day.


Ans: Johns Hopkins

– G. Mohan




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