Ram Rajya at Satyam?

10 01 2009

The hero of the epic Rama or Ram in Ramayana was a paragon of virtue. He was considered a Model person, a Model King. He was referred to as “Maryada Purushottam” . He was an epitome of dignity and a man of his word. To keep his father’s word to his step-mother he left for 14 years of banishment. When a washerman cast aspersions on his wife Sita, he asked her to leave the palace. His reign of Ayodhya was considered a utopian administration, hence anything close to ideal management is often called “Ram rajya.”

Parents often keep their sons name as Ram with the hope that some of the ideal man’s character and personality will rub-off on the son by naming him “Ram”.

In the now disgraced top management of Satyam, there was not one or two, but four Rams. First, the Founder and Chairman (resigned), Ramalinga Raju. Second, his brother and MD(resigned) , Rama Raju. Third, the Independent Director who chaired the controversial board meeting of Satyam-Maytas merger, Prof M.Rammohan Rao. Fourth, the current Interim CEO and an Executive Director in Satyam for last several years Ram Mynampati. None of them could live upto their name, given so fondly by their parents. Instead of delivering Ram Rajya, collectively they have delivered Ravan rajya at Satyam.

Just hope that the other Ram Rajyas at TCS ( Ramadorai) and Mastek (Sudhakar Ram) do not turn out to be like Satyam.  

Hey Ram !!

– G. Mohan




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