Quiz on Satyam Computers

2 02 2009


Q.1. After Satyam announced the decision to acquire Maytas and then backtracked who was the first independent director of Satyam to resign. She is an an academician , working in the  USA and was a Director of Satyam from 1991. Name her.



Ans ; Dr Mangalam Srinivasan



Q.2 What was the earlier name of Maytas Infrastructure ?  It was a company started by Ramalinga Raju.



Ans : Satyam Constructions



Q3. B.Ramalinga Raju and B. Rama Raju are in judicial custody. Name the third brother who is currently absconding and is accused of being the mastermind behind the land deals.



Ans : B.Suryanarayana Raju



Q4. Who was the first MNC client of Satyam Computers?



Ans : John Deere (the tractors company)



Q5. PwC the auditors of Satyam was formed by the merger of ‘Price Waterhouse’ and ‘Coopers and Lybrand’. Coopers and Lybrand had an Indian associate to which the partners Srinivas Talluri and Gopalakrishnan belonged. Name this audit firm.



Ans : Lovelock and Lewes



Q6. B.Ramalinga Raju and Satyam were considered model corporate citizens due to their philanthropic and CSR work in the form of the 108 service (EMRI) and drinking water projects in different parts of AP. Name the foundation which carries out the philanthropic activities of Raju.



Ans : Byrraju Foundation



Q7.  As per the confession letter of Ramalinga Raju who was supposed to take over the charge of Satyam after his resignation. This person was the interim CEO for less than 48 hours before the government appointed a new board.



Ans : Ram Mynampati



Q8. In the Chanchalguda jail, in Hyderabad, where Raju and Ramu are holed up with other petty criminals how is Raju keeping himself busy ?



Ans : Reading spiritual books on Buddha and playing chess.


Q9. What does SFIO stand for?



Ans : Serious Frauds Investigation Office



Q10. Satyam was the first Indian IT Services company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. What is its symbol ?



Ans : SAY



Q11. Satyam is fighting a long legal battle with a UK based products company related to intellectual property rights. The case is going on in  Texas courts. Name the company .



Ans : UPAID Systems



Q12. As per US law, a lawsuit in which one or more parties file a complaint on behalf of themselves and all other people who are “similarly situated” (suffering from the same problem). Often used when a large number of people have comparable claims. Satyam is facing several of such lawsuits filed by investors in the US. What is the correct term for such a suit ?



Ans : Class- action suit



Q 13. In the boom days of Internet, Satyam had floated an Internet company called Satyam Infoway, later renamed as Sify Ltd. This was the first Indian Internet company to be listed on the NASDAQ. Satyam has since divested their shares in this company. Name the new owner of Sify


Ans : Vegesna Raju



Q 14. Satyam floated a Joint venture with Dun and Bradstreet in 1992. The first CEO of this JV was a Satyam nominee. Srini Raju, who happens to be a close relative of Ramalinga Raju. Ramalinga Raju and Srini Raju’s wives are sisters. Srini Raju gave up charge of this company in 1994 and left Satyam in 2000. This company is now a very big IT services company  listed on NASDAQ and is all set to beat Satyam in revenues. Name this company.



Ans : Cognizant Technolgies



– G. Mohan




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