3 05 2009

If appintment pages in the newspapers are anything to go by, I think, i have now a sense of the current  trends in the job market.The number of advertisements is a far cry from the heydays of 2006-07 and most of the advertisers are educational institutions, looking for faculties.

It looks like corporate executives too are being sought after  for faculty jobs in engineering institutes and B-schools, reports DNA :

“ Marcel Parkar, chairman of Bangalore based HR solutions company Ikya Human Capital Solutions, said, “Institutes need good faculty with practical experience to produce quality students.

There are several professionals looking for a change in career as there is not much advancement happening in their current corporate environments. People don’t mind taking lower salaries but they want stability.”

More than the institutes needing the faculty or the executives looking for a career switch into academics, I feel it is the placement consultants, who need a new vertical to combat the slowdown, which has affected their business badly.

The same story mentions that TMI, a leading placement firm, has launched a faculty practice.

“Hyderabad based talent management and talent acquisition company TMI Group has started an initiative called Faculty Practice, which would help engineering and MBA professionals find teaching jobs in private institutes.”

The faculty crunch in B-Schools and engineering colleges is real. The need for experienced professionals to bring in their real life practical knowledge in the class-room is also well accepted. But not all executives are likely to make a smooth transition into a faculty position. Least of all are the corporatewallahs who see an academic job merely as a stop-gap arrangement.

As for the placement firms, who are used to fat commissions of 25-30% annual CTC of the recruit as commission, dealing with the educational institutions may mean bringing in some pricing innovations as most educational institutions are still comfortable following traditional modes of recruitment through print advertisements and referrals.

– G. Mohan




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