Quiz Miscellany 1

21 05 2009
 Here are the Questions and Answers to the weekly quiz published by Business Standard  in their Tuesday supplement dated May 5th,2009

Q1.Who said: “I expect the personal computer to become the kind of thing that people carry with them. A companion that takes notes, does accounting, gives reminders, handles 1,000 personal tasks?”  

Ans : Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft

Q2 .Name the company and the metric it created that measures research spending divided by gross margins for each new product line. This helps it to focus its resources on innovations that maximise profits. 

Ans : Hewlett Packard and Research Prodcutivity 

Q3. Smilemakers is a division of which company? 

Ans : Staples  

Q4. An Indian company recently introduced a brand positioned as an emergency lemon refresher. Name the brand and the company. 

Ans : LMN by Parle Agro

Q5. Which brand claims that it is the world’s largest selling non-Scotch whisky?

Ans : Bagpiper  

Q6. The co-founder of a consumer products company sent one of his products to a lab in New York for analysis and got back a report which said that the product had only .56 per cent of miscellaneous particles. This prompted him to come up with what became a well-known catch phrase for this product. What’s the phrase? 

Ans : Ivory soap is 99.44 % pure, it floats

Q7. Mahatma Gandhi called it one of the few useful things ever invented. Name it.

Ans : The Singer Sewing Machine 

Q8. In which journal was Parkinson’s Law first published? 

Ans : The Economist 

Q9. The birth of this brand goes back to 1921 when a school teacher and local candy shop owner was inspired by a little boy’s inability to decide between ice cream and a candy bar. Name it. 

Ans : Eskimo Pie

 –    G. Mohan




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