SRK and the Pursuit of Cheap Publicity

24 08 2009

The mass media In India are crying hoarse that India’s national icon, Shahrukh Khan (SRK) has been humiliated by the US immigration authorities. SRK was subjected to two hours of checking at the Newark airport, apparently because his surname is Khan.

A look at the headlines in two prominent newspapers on 16th August : The Times of India carries on the first page “Name’s Khan : SRK grilled at US airport”. Deccan Chronicle carries the headline ” SRK detained for being a  Khan.” One should not be surprised at all that these headlines are inspired by the upcoming movie of SRK, My name is Khan, directed by Karan Johar.

SRK and Karan Johar are using what could be brushed aside as a routine check to bring attention to the fact that SRK is being grilled because his name is Khan. A two hour detention of a largely out-of-work actor who has not had a single release in 2009, should not be national headline news any way.

This is free publicity for the upcoming movie – . My Name is Khan.  The media is playing into the hands willingly or unwillingly into the hands of SRK and KJo who are both very adept at managing the media and journalists.

The Indian mass media is either gullible or they have been co-opted. Worse, it could be both. Do we deserve such media? Should we not punish such publications for taking us to be a nation of suckers by taking our business elsewhere?

–       G. Mohan




One response

13 02 2012

absolutely…. we should be ashamed of push media !!

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