The Abuse of the Inland Letter

29 09 2009

The blue inland letter evokes warm feelings.  Those who lived in hostels would know personal letters from family and friends would usually come in those inland letters.

Private. Economical. Large enough to convey the message.

The very same virtues of the Inland Letter seen by middle-class Indian families have been discovered by the corporate India now. What started off last year as a one-off case has become the norm this year. Premium notices from Insurance companies, Dividend information, IPO allotment information, Notices for AGM to shareholders etc which earlier used to come in envelopes are now being sent in Inland Letter cards.

The Blue Inland letter instead of evoking warm feelings, now evoke feelings of disgust, reserved for junk mail.

With companies in cost-cutting mode, every rupee saved helps. Inland letter postage is Rs 2.50 as against Rs 5.00 postage for an envelope. In addition, there are savings on stationery.

The cost of delivering a letter from one-point to another in India is the same, whether it is an Inland letter or an envelope. Government through India Post subsidizes the Inland Letter postage.

When Television competitions were abusing the low cost of post-cards, the postal department came up with a separate category of postcards called competition post-cards, which was priced much higher than the ordinary post card.

As the government subsidizes the postage on the Inland Letter, the government should check this abuse and come up with a separate category of Inland Letter for Business use in a different color.

The Blue Inland Letter should get back to its original use for personal mails only.

– G. Mohan




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