Quiz Miscellany 2

29 12 2009

Q 1. What are “NINJA” loans in mortgage loans market?

Ans : No Income, No Jobs or Assets.

Q 2. Which fund-house specializes in exchange-traded funds in India?

Ans : Benchmark mutual fund

Q3. If you are tracking the CAC 40, which country’s market would you be following?

Ans : Paris Bourse, France.

Q4. IPO is Initial Public Offer, what is FPO?

Ans: Follow-on public offer.

Q5. Which two well-known companies have been removed from the Dow Jones Industrial average in 2009?

Ans : Citibank and General Motors

Q6. Name the author of the book, The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession.

Ans : Peter Bernstein

Q7. Which company owns the Multi-commodity exchange MCX. This exchange has been recently given permission to set-up an all India stock exchange.

Ans : Financial Technologies.


Q8. Inspired by Noel Stevenson’s novel Snow Crash, this is a virtual world on the net. In this virtual world, residents interact with each other through avatars and even create and trade in virtual property. Name it.

Ans : Second Life

Q9. What innovation did Prof Sanjay Sharma of MIT do to bring about a revolution in supply-chain management?

Ans; He brought down the cost of RFID tags from $ 2.50 to $ 0.05. RFID tags are fast replacing bar-codes.

Q10. With which innovation is the famous Tamil writer and novelist Sujatha Rangarajan associated with ? He also wrote the script and dialogue for movies like Sivaji and Dasvatharam.

Ans : Electronic Voting Machines. He worked as an engineer with Bharat Electronics Limited, where he worked on EVMs

– G. Mohan




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