Quiz Miscellany 3

27 01 2010

 Q1.India’s largest tour operator. Was in the news for IPO. Name it.

 Ans .COX & KINGS 

Q2. Which brand was first woven into a computer game (advergame) ?

Ans. McDonald’s  in 1973 as a part of a DEC game – Moonlander. 

 Q 3. In Chetan Bhagat’s new book  2 States,  after graduating from IIM-A ,which companies do KRISH and ANANYA join ?

 Ans. Citibank and HLL 

 Q 4. BA and IBERIA are  to merge. To which country does IBERIA belong?

Ans. Spain  

Q 5. Which company is acquiring the telecom equipment company 3 COM ?

Ans .HP  

Q 6. Which indian IT major has instituted an award for excellence in science, modelled on Nobel prize?

Ans. Infosys   

Q 7. This 90-year-old is the chief designer of IZHMASH arms factory. Name him and his creation.

Ans. Mikhail Kalashnikov. AK-47

Q 8 . Under which brand name have SISTEMA SHYAM launched their mobile service?

Ans. MTS

Q 9. What is the service of RENT the RUNWAY?

Ans. A haute couture rental through mail order 

Q 10. Whose byline is “Committed to improving the state of the world”?

Ans. World Economic Forum. 

Q  11. Name the new venture fund launched by the Murthys of Infosys?

Ans. Catamaran

– G. Mohan




One response

21 02 2010
ng s

Good piece. Perceptive observation. Is it not just money at disposal, tolerance for stupidity and triumph of expectation over experience? Urban India has to improve its taste and small town India has to somehow increase its purchasing power – How about having BPOs there for selling tickets for theaters in metros cities – stiff and recliner classes

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