Quiz Miscellany 6

6 09 2010

Q1: Peter Bentley of London has developed an app for iPhone which is a rage among doctors. What does the application do?

Ans: It makes the phone a stethoscope

Q2: Which two PSUs have come together to start a power equipment manufacturing facility in Mannavaram , Chittoor AP?

Ans: NTPC and BHEL

Q3 : ‘____ are the Unilever of the entertainment industry. They make the rules and others have to follow’ says an industry insider. Fill the blank.


Q4: In Hindi this word means a shoddy temporary fix. Now it is being touted by gurus as the Indian way of innovation. Identify this word.

Ans: Jugaad

 Q5: Name this co founder of Microsoft who has sued companies like Google, Amazon, Apple etc. for patent violation?

Ans: Paul Allen

Q6: Who is the long standing engine supplier of Boeing, delays from his side is delaying the 787 project?

Ans: Rolls Royce

Q7: In which TV ad you will see a clone of Yuvraj Singh huff and puff on a treadmill, taking a dig at REVITAL?

Ans: Supractiv

Q8: Starting today what is the new name of State Bank of Indore?

Ans: State Bank of  India

Q9 : In trucks you will often find “OK TATA’ painted , a free ad for TATA trucks. A new brand of truck has been launched that says ‘OK is no longer OK’. Name it.

Ans: Mahindra Navistar

Q10: ‘Exhaled Air’ of which celebrity couple was sold on ebay for $523 ?

Ans: Brangelina

Q11: Name this hottest social gaming co founded by Mark Pincus. The co is named after his dog. Clue- Farmville

Ans: Zynga

Q12: With which brand of sportswear has the world record holder sprinter Usain Bolt signed up making him the richest athlete ever?

Ans: Puma

– G. Mohan




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