Quiz Miscellany 7

17 12 2010

Q1. Why have all the major cigarette factories in India stopped production earlier this month?

Ans. Government’s notice on warning pictures on the packets not clear

Q2. Which state proposes to launch a Right to Service act a first of its kind?

Ans. Bihar

Q3. Godrej is acquiring the FMCG brands GENTEEL and SWASTIK SHIKAKAI from the Kothari family. Who were the original creators of them?

Ans. Sarabhais

Q4. Number of emigrants from India is the second largest in the world. What is India’s rank globally in receiving immigrants?

Ans.  10

Q5. Which car model is fast replacing Ambassador as the official car for ministers, bureaucrats, generals?

Ans. Maruti SX4

Q6. In which Indian city a LITTLE KOREA colony is coming up thanks to 170 Korean companies setting up shop there?

Ans. Chennai

Q7. What is the service of GROUPONS the site acquired by Google for over 5 b $?

Ans. Free coupons for groups to get discounts in retail sites

Q8. With no formal academic qualifications which pioneering institute did Dasharath Patel create?

Ans. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Q9. From whom has the RPG group acquired the global rights for marketing under the CEAT brand ?

Ans. Pirelli of Italy

Q10. What does Harsh Mariwala of Marico find wrong with engineer MBAs ?

Ans.  Left brained and process driven.

– G. Mohan


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