Update on ‘An enigma called Siva’

1 11 2016
C.Sivasankaran ( better known as Siva) is in the news for his mention in the Tata vs Mistry saga.
Many years ago I wrote a post on Siva in this blog, that I rarely update these days. Siva was known for his friends like Tata, Ruia, Mallya and Subroto Roy. I am indeed chuckling when I read my own comment “He has a friend in Mr Tata, whose sense of ethics and morals are unquestionable”.
Much has transpired after that. The 2G scam broke out. The Radia tapes happened. Siva declared himself bankrupt in 2014 in a Seychelles court ( He is a citizen of Seychelles).in order to avoid paying his dues to his creditors, which includes Tata Capital.In 2016, this bankruptcy order has been lifted. Siva is back in business launching a taxi aggregator in Chennai called UTOO, competing with the likes of Uber and Ola.
Eight years ago when I wrote it, I saw him as an enigma but today I am more likely to put him in the cabal of crooks with his friends like Mallya, Ruia and Subroto Roy.



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