GST council is musically challenged

11 09 2017

What absurd taxation policy this GST Council has come up with ?

The Indian instruments attract No GST and the western instruments attract the highest rate of 28 %

Apparently, damru is Indian and drums are western, sitar is Indian and guitar is western, pungi is Indian and saxophone is western.Can you imagine “Pukarta chal hoon main”  without the guitar or “O Haseena zulfon wali”  without the drums. The sound of “been” in the Nagin song may be Indian, but it was created by Kalyanji on a ‘western’ instrument called clavioline. Are they not Indian music ?

The best of Hindi film music of the  ’50s and ’60s had a lot of so called ‘western’ instruments. Then why this absurd classification. There are so many musical instruments, who in the GST Council knows which is Indian and which is Western.

How far back would they go to justify an instrument as Indian. Sitar is not Indian, it came from Persia in the 18th century. Guitar came to India in the 19th century via British. Just because guitar came later, is it less Indian than sitar.

A flat low rate for all instruments can be administered better.




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