The restrictive law on cigarette shops

27 09 2017

Most of us are familiar and often use the small shops in the corner, who sell many things including cigarettes and tobacco. They usually stock items of urgent consumption and also are open long hours. They will also give you the item on credit when you do not carry a wallet on you, because he/she knows where you live.

The health ministry wants to control the sale of tobacco to children. Hence they want to restrict, the sale of other items in cigarette shops. They want to licence exclusive cigarette and tobacco shops.

I have the following issues with this proposal

– If local govt like municipalities will issue licence for these cigarette shops, this will breed corruption much like the liquor licences
– Already there is law restricting sale of cigarettes and tobacco products around 100 yards of any educational institution. If this is not being enforced properly then what makes them believe that small shops will not violate this new law too
– If ITC as a conglomerate can have a diversified portfolio including candies, biscuits along with cigarettes why restrict the small shop owner to stick to cigarettes only.




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