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G.Mohan is an avid reader of pink newspapers and business magazines. A business quizzer of national repute, Mohan’s day job is as a faculty at a management institute. He had worked for over a decade in one of India’s leading MNCs before.


Rajeev A. Paranjpe worked in an IT and consulting company for twelve years. Working there, he developed an interest in systems thinking and organizational behavior. Past three and a half years of rather fuzzy existence, have further heightened his interest in grappling with the paradoxes of the complex interplay between the self and the systems. 


Rajib Sarkar is the Editor of this blog. He could be contacted at rajib1sarkar1@gmail.com.



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11 03 2010
Jack Marshall


My names Jack Marshall and im currently in my third year of study at Leeds metropolitan university and was wondering if you could help me with my study.

After reading Mr Mohan’s writing on How Profitable is an IPL Franchise, from the 17/05/08, i found it very useful for my lit review, for my dissertation on how has twenty20 cricket affect Yorkshire county cricket club financially.

I was wondering whether you had an references to the article that was wrote, as this would allow me to justify using Mr Mohan’s research and findings to subsequently back up my findings. Which have stated that twenty20 cricket is a necessity to the modern game and will only allow cricket clubs to stay out of administration and further the sport by using the income from sell out crowds and high media coverage revenue for each club.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read my email.

Jack Marshalll

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