Quiz Miscellany 7

17 12 2010

Q1. Why have all the major cigarette factories in India stopped production earlier this month?

Ans. Government’s notice on warning pictures on the packets not clear

Q2. Which state proposes to launch a Right to Service act a first of its kind?

Ans. Bihar

Q3. Godrej is acquiring the FMCG brands GENTEEL and SWASTIK SHIKAKAI from the Kothari family. Who were the original creators of them?

Ans. Sarabhais

Q4. Number of emigrants from India is the second largest in the world. What is India’s rank globally in receiving immigrants?

Ans.  10

Q5. Which car model is fast replacing Ambassador as the official car for ministers, bureaucrats, generals?

Ans. Maruti SX4

Q6. In which Indian city a LITTLE KOREA colony is coming up thanks to 170 Korean companies setting up shop there?

Ans. Chennai

Q7. What is the service of GROUPONS the site acquired by Google for over 5 b $?

Ans. Free coupons for groups to get discounts in retail sites

Q8. With no formal academic qualifications which pioneering institute did Dasharath Patel create?

Ans. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Q9. From whom has the RPG group acquired the global rights for marketing under the CEAT brand ?

Ans. Pirelli of Italy

Q10. What does Harsh Mariwala of Marico find wrong with engineer MBAs ?

Ans.  Left brained and process driven.

– G. Mohan


Quiz Miscellany 6

6 09 2010

Q1: Peter Bentley of London has developed an app for iPhone which is a rage among doctors. What does the application do?

Ans: It makes the phone a stethoscope

Q2: Which two PSUs have come together to start a power equipment manufacturing facility in Mannavaram , Chittoor AP?

Ans: NTPC and BHEL

Q3 : ‘____ are the Unilever of the entertainment industry. They make the rules and others have to follow’ says an industry insider. Fill the blank.


Q4: In Hindi this word means a shoddy temporary fix. Now it is being touted by gurus as the Indian way of innovation. Identify this word.

Ans: Jugaad

 Q5: Name this co founder of Microsoft who has sued companies like Google, Amazon, Apple etc. for patent violation?

Ans: Paul Allen

Q6: Who is the long standing engine supplier of Boeing, delays from his side is delaying the 787 project?

Ans: Rolls Royce

Q7: In which TV ad you will see a clone of Yuvraj Singh huff and puff on a treadmill, taking a dig at REVITAL?

Ans: Supractiv

Q8: Starting today what is the new name of State Bank of Indore?

Ans: State Bank of  India

Q9 : In trucks you will often find “OK TATA’ painted , a free ad for TATA trucks. A new brand of truck has been launched that says ‘OK is no longer OK’. Name it.

Ans: Mahindra Navistar

Q10: ‘Exhaled Air’ of which celebrity couple was sold on ebay for $523 ?

Ans: Brangelina

Q11: Name this hottest social gaming co founded by Mark Pincus. The co is named after his dog. Clue- Farmville

Ans: Zynga

Q12: With which brand of sportswear has the world record holder sprinter Usain Bolt signed up making him the richest athlete ever?

Ans: Puma

– G. Mohan

Quiz Miscellany 5

25 05 2010

Q1. What is the stated benefit of a single polypill containing aspirin, statins and 2 blood pressure-lowering medicines?

Ans. Prevent heart attacks

Q2. SAIL and Tata Steel are in discussion for a JV steel plant .If materialized, this is not going to be their first JV. They already have a 50:50 JV in ecommerce. Name it.

Ans. mjunction

Q3. How can Indo-Pak trade in agriculture benefit the ‘Aam’ Aadmi ?

Ans. Mangoes (Aam) for six months due to diff seasons on both sides.

Q4. Who said ‘ 3G is basmati rice, and 2G is PDS rice.’? And why?

Ans.  A Raja alias Spectrum Raja. He sold 2G spectrum for a song in 2008

Q5. What’s common to Raghu Pillai, Gunendar Kapoor, Sriram Srinivasan and Rajeev Karwal ?

Ans. High profile executives of Reliance Retail who have all quit

Q6. Germany has banned naked short selling? What is it?

Ans. Selling shares by borrowing is short selling, selling even before borrowing them is naked short sell.

Q7. Warcraft and Second life are the most popular MMORPGs.What are MMORPGs ?

Ans. Massive multiplayer online role playing games

Q8. Bank of Punjab, Centurion Bank, Times Bank have all merged into a bank. Name it.

Ans.  HDFC bank

Q9. What inspired India born Scotsman Shepherd Barron to invent the ATM ?

Ans. A chocolate vending machine

Q10. As Abbott acquires Piramal it will get a brand of cough syrup that sells more for its intoxicating effect. Name it.

Ans.  Phensedyl

Q11. How do we know ‘Morris Oxford series III of 1957′ better in India ?

Ans. Ambassador car

Q12. Which Indian biscuit manufacturer was penalized as it had produced a small quantity of sugar used in their biscuits ?

Ans. Parle.

Q13. In global economics what is ‘the new normal’ ? Who coined it?

Ans. The post 2008 crisis, world economic order after recovery. PIMCO.

Q14.Name the man behind “Sulabh Shauchalaya” who developed the two-pit toilet,an innovation now exported to 50 countries.

Ans. Bindeshwari Pathak

Q15. Which airline, in the news, has the tag line ‘Simply Priceless’?

Ans. Air India Express

Q16. What is an IDR? Who is the first issuer of IDR?

Ans. Indian Depository Receipt. Standard Chartered Bank.

– G. Mohan

Quiz Miscellany 4

15 02 2010

Q.1. The Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh is being accused of being an agent of which MNC by the green activists?

Ans. Monsanto

Q2.What does the phrase ‘The Great Firewall of China’ refer to?

Ans. Chinese censoring of the Internet

Q3.Name this Pepsico brand which was acquired from Quaker Oats and is sold as ‘World’s No 1 sports drink’.

Ans. Gatorade.

Q4. What is ‘Wrap rage’?

Ans.  Extreme anger caused by product packaging that is difficult to open or manipulate:)

Q5.Which legendary economist once said ‘When facts change, I change’?

Ans.  John Maynard Keynes

Q6. Falaknuma palace was the residence of the Nizam of Hyderabad. It is being restored and converted into a luxury hotel. Which group?

Ans.  Taj

Q7.What is a sovereign debt crisis ?

Ans. When the govt of a country is on the verge of default on its debt. Greece is now on the verge of one

Q8.What unconventional way to combat corruption has been used by an Indian NGO 5thpillar ?

Ans. A zero rupee currency note printed and distributed to people so that when a govt official asks a bribe he is presented this note which has no value

Q 9.Who publishes a magazine titled HARPO ?

Ans. Oprah Winfrey. Oprah read backwards

Q 10. Who or what has the Wired magazine nominated for Nobel Peace prize this year ?

Ans. The Worldwide web

Q 11. What unique service does commuteeasy.com provide to the residents of Bengaluru ?

Ans. Carpooling

Q 12. ‘Large inheritances can kill heirs’ says this Russian billionaire who gave away 2.1 bn $ like Gates and Buffet. Name him.

Ans. Vladimir Potanin

Q 13. Which indian bank has introduced a floating rate deposit where interest rates can change every quarter ?


Q 14. Which EPL match had the first live 3D broadcast on Skysports ?

Ans. Arsenal vs Man-U on 31st JAN 2010

Q 15. ‘Let’s begin’ is the new corp tagline of ESSAR group. Essar began as a partnership between the brothers S and R. Name them.

Ans. Shashi and Ravi Ruia

Q 16.This visionary former Chairman of ONGC took it global and acquired MRPL. He had a public spat with petroleum minister?

Ans. Subir Raha

Q17. Which global steel major has acquired over 34 % stake in UTTAM GALVA ?

Ans. Arcelor Mittal

Q 18. Ran Niwas Mirdha Cong leader who died recently headed the JPC to probe the 1992 stock scam. Who was the chief villain of this scam ?

Ans. Harshad Mehta

– G. Mohan

Quiz Miscellany 3

27 01 2010

 Q1.India’s largest tour operator. Was in the news for IPO. Name it.

 Ans .COX & KINGS 

Q2. Which brand was first woven into a computer game (advergame) ?

Ans. McDonald’s  in 1973 as a part of a DEC game – Moonlander. 

 Q 3. In Chetan Bhagat’s new book  2 States,  after graduating from IIM-A ,which companies do KRISH and ANANYA join ?

 Ans. Citibank and HLL 

 Q 4. BA and IBERIA are  to merge. To which country does IBERIA belong?

Ans. Spain  

Q 5. Which company is acquiring the telecom equipment company 3 COM ?

Ans .HP  

Q 6. Which indian IT major has instituted an award for excellence in science, modelled on Nobel prize?

Ans. Infosys   

Q 7. This 90-year-old is the chief designer of IZHMASH arms factory. Name him and his creation.

Ans. Mikhail Kalashnikov. AK-47

Q 8 . Under which brand name have SISTEMA SHYAM launched their mobile service?

Ans. MTS

Q 9. What is the service of RENT the RUNWAY?

Ans. A haute couture rental through mail order 

Q 10. Whose byline is “Committed to improving the state of the world”?

Ans. World Economic Forum. 

Q  11. Name the new venture fund launched by the Murthys of Infosys?

Ans. Catamaran

– G. Mohan

Quiz Miscellany 2

29 12 2009

Q 1. What are “NINJA” loans in mortgage loans market?

Ans : No Income, No Jobs or Assets.

Q 2. Which fund-house specializes in exchange-traded funds in India?

Ans : Benchmark mutual fund

Q3. If you are tracking the CAC 40, which country’s market would you be following?

Ans : Paris Bourse, France.

Q4. IPO is Initial Public Offer, what is FPO?

Ans: Follow-on public offer.

Q5. Which two well-known companies have been removed from the Dow Jones Industrial average in 2009?

Ans : Citibank and General Motors

Q6. Name the author of the book, The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession.

Ans : Peter Bernstein

Q7. Which company owns the Multi-commodity exchange MCX. This exchange has been recently given permission to set-up an all India stock exchange.

Ans : Financial Technologies.


Q8. Inspired by Noel Stevenson’s novel Snow Crash, this is a virtual world on the net. In this virtual world, residents interact with each other through avatars and even create and trade in virtual property. Name it.

Ans : Second Life

Q9. What innovation did Prof Sanjay Sharma of MIT do to bring about a revolution in supply-chain management?

Ans; He brought down the cost of RFID tags from $ 2.50 to $ 0.05. RFID tags are fast replacing bar-codes.

Q10. With which innovation is the famous Tamil writer and novelist Sujatha Rangarajan associated with ? He also wrote the script and dialogue for movies like Sivaji and Dasvatharam.

Ans : Electronic Voting Machines. He worked as an engineer with Bharat Electronics Limited, where he worked on EVMs

– G. Mohan

Quiz on Vintage Indian Ads

16 12 2009

Q1. Kanchan Choudhury, India’s first woman DGP inspired a TV serial where the lead role was played by her sister. The sister is known to millions of Indians as Lalitaji of Surf. Name her.

Ans : Kavita Choudhary. Udaan

Q2. David Whitbread, model coordinator and production stylist played the role of which popular ad character for over 14 years?

Ans: Onida Devil
Q3. Film stars Ayesha Takia and Shahid Kapoor together appeared in which ad as kids?

Ans: Complan
Q4. Karen Hishey teaches school children in New Zealand. What is her connection to Indian advertising?

Ans : Karen Hishey nee Lunel was the original Liril girl

Q5. Tiger Pataudi was the Gwalior Suitings man, Sunil Gavaskar appeared for Dinesh Suitings, Digjam had Shekhar Kapur. Which brand did Vivian Richards and Ravi Shastri endorse?

Ans : Vimal
Q6. Ved Pal Sharma composed music for films such as Souten ki Beti. His most famous creation was for an ad. Identify.

Ans : Nirma. Ved Pal composed the much recalled ‘Washing Powder Nirma’
Q7. Jeevan and Hanu, the kid and the monkey were two cartoon characters that educated kids on which company in the 80s?

Ans : LIC

Q8. Kanwarjit Paintal known for playing Shikhandi in Mahabharat TV serial, appeared in which vintage bulb ad?

Ans : ECE bulbs
Q9. Vicks ki goli lo, khich khich door karo. This ad for Vicks where Jayant Kriplani appeared along with a little girl made Jayant famous. The little girl grew up to be an actress and anchor. Name her.

Ans : Ishita Arun, daughter of Ila Arun

Q10. Cricketer Farokh Engineer and Kishore Kumar have both endorsed which brand now owned by Sara Lee?

Ans : Brylcreem
Q11. Ankita Jhaveri currently based in LA made her mark as a star in Telugu film industry. How did she become darling of millions of people in India, much before she entered the film industry?

Ans : She is the ‘I love you Rasna’ girl.
– Reproduced from Deccan Chronicle

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