Quiz Miscellany 5

25 05 2010

Q1. What is the stated benefit of a single polypill containing aspirin, statins and 2 blood pressure-lowering medicines?

Ans. Prevent heart attacks

Q2. SAIL and Tata Steel are in discussion for a JV steel plant .If materialized, this is not going to be their first JV. They already have a 50:50 JV in ecommerce. Name it.

Ans. mjunction

Q3. How can Indo-Pak trade in agriculture benefit the ‘Aam’ Aadmi ?

Ans. Mangoes (Aam) for six months due to diff seasons on both sides.

Q4. Who said ‘ 3G is basmati rice, and 2G is PDS rice.’? And why?

Ans.  A Raja alias Spectrum Raja. He sold 2G spectrum for a song in 2008

Q5. What’s common to Raghu Pillai, Gunendar Kapoor, Sriram Srinivasan and Rajeev Karwal ?

Ans. High profile executives of Reliance Retail who have all quit

Q6. Germany has banned naked short selling? What is it?

Ans. Selling shares by borrowing is short selling, selling even before borrowing them is naked short sell.

Q7. Warcraft and Second life are the most popular MMORPGs.What are MMORPGs ?

Ans. Massive multiplayer online role playing games

Q8. Bank of Punjab, Centurion Bank, Times Bank have all merged into a bank. Name it.

Ans.  HDFC bank

Q9. What inspired India born Scotsman Shepherd Barron to invent the ATM ?

Ans. A chocolate vending machine

Q10. As Abbott acquires Piramal it will get a brand of cough syrup that sells more for its intoxicating effect. Name it.

Ans.  Phensedyl

Q11. How do we know ‘Morris Oxford series III of 1957′ better in India ?

Ans. Ambassador car

Q12. Which Indian biscuit manufacturer was penalized as it had produced a small quantity of sugar used in their biscuits ?

Ans. Parle.

Q13. In global economics what is ‘the new normal’ ? Who coined it?

Ans. The post 2008 crisis, world economic order after recovery. PIMCO.

Q14.Name the man behind “Sulabh Shauchalaya” who developed the two-pit toilet,an innovation now exported to 50 countries.

Ans. Bindeshwari Pathak

Q15. Which airline, in the news, has the tag line ‘Simply Priceless’?

Ans. Air India Express

Q16. What is an IDR? Who is the first issuer of IDR?

Ans. Indian Depository Receipt. Standard Chartered Bank.

– G. Mohan


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